Mapping the physical and digital reading habits of Singaporeans: Findings from an integrated quantitative-qualitative study

Adeline Lee

National Library Board

Adeline heads the Business Analytics, Knowledge & Risk Management Department of National Library Board, Singapore. The Department conducts library analytics, programme and outreach evaluation and insights of library patrons and non-patrons. Adeline holds a Ph.D. in media and communications, and specializes in the evaluation of public campaigns and community outreach.


Purpose: Global outlook on library visitorship and loans point to a trending down in physical visits and loans, whilst digital visits and loans are trending up. Singapore’s network of public libraries is not... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Adeline Lee (National Library Board)

Topic Areas

Services , Performance Indicators , Usage , Methods , Public Libraries


PA-4B » Public Libraries (11:00 - Tuesday, 1st August, Douglas Price Room)



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