Mapping student days: Measuring library value through exploratory multi-sited ethnography

Andrew Asher

Indiana University

Andrew Asher is an anthropologist and the Assessment Librarian at Indiana University, where he leads the libraries’ qualitative and quantitative assessment programs and conducts research on the information practices of students and faculty. Asher specializes in utilizing ethnography in libraries, and is the co-editor of College Libraries and Student Culture.

Donna Lanclos

University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Donna is an anthropologist working to inform and change policy in higher education, in particular in and around libraries, learning spaces, and teaching and learning practices. She blogs about this and other work at, and you can also find her on Twitter @DonnaLanclos.


Purpose: Research on students’ educational experiences demonstrates the importance of a holistic understanding of the complexity of students’ lives to developing library programs, services, and resources that effectively... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Andrew Asher (Indiana University)
  2. Donna Lanclos (University of North Carolina, Charlotte)

Topic Areas

Value , Innovative Methods , Usage , Methods


PA-8A » Innovative Methods II (13:30 - Wednesday, 2nd August, Main Hall)



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