Developing an evidence based culture for documentary heritage collections

Nancy Bell

Northumbria University

Nancy Bell is currently a Visiting Scholar at Northumbria University, I-School, and is charged with undertaking a 12-month project supported by The National Archives, UK, to understand the value of documentary heritage collections.  Prior to taking up this role she was Head of Collection Care for The National Archives.


Purpose: This paper will present the main findings of a 12- month research project supported by The National Archives UK and Northumbria University’s I-School. The overarching aim of this study is to understand better the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Nancy Bell (Northumbria University)
  2. Michael Moss (Northumbria University)
  3. David Thomas (Northumbria University)
  4. Julie Mcleod (Northumbria University)

Topic Areas

Collections , Digital , Organisational issues , Relationships , Culture , Impact , Value , Data , Usage , Frameworks


PA-7B » Archives & National Libraries (11:00 - Wednesday, 2nd August, Douglas Price Room)



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