Introduction to Assessment Methods: Surveys, Interviews, and Focus Groups

Holt Zaugg


Holt Zaugg completed his PhD in Educational Inquiry, Measurement, and Evaluation from BYU. He is currently the Assessment Librarian at the Harold B. Lee Library BYU, where he designs, conducts, analyzes, and disseminates findings from a wide variety of evaluations including collaborations with other faculty and students on campus.  


          This workshop focuses on how to create and conduct surveys, interviews and focus groups. Using interactive activities and lecture, this workshop will discuss common features of these three tools, including... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Holt Zaugg (BYU)

Topic Areas

Organisational issues , Relationships , Impact , Value , Performance Indicators , Innovative Methods , Methods


PA-3C » Workshop: Introduction to Assessment Methods (15:30 - Monday, 31st July, Seminar Room 1)



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