Pupils, Pop-ups and Prototyping (or, how we applied commercial human-centred design methods to create the right library environments at Cambridge University Libraries)

Paul-Jervis Heath

Modern Human

Paul-Jervis Heath is a designer and innovation consultant. He's Principal at Modern Human, a design practice and innovation consultancy, where he leads a wide range of design projects like information systems for autonomous vehicles, smart home appliances and concepts for future libraries.


PURPOSE This session will share the methods of two Futurelib projects at Cambridge University Library: Protolib 1 and Protolib 2. The objective of both was to explore the needs of library users and create prototype library... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Paul-Jervis Heath (Modern Human)

Topic Areas

Space , Digital , Services , Innovative Methods , Usage , Methods , Frameworks


PA-7C » Workshop: Human-Centred Design (11:00 - Wednesday, 2nd August, Seminar Room 1)



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