Using Dashboard and Automated Scripts to Improve End-to-End Processes, From Ordering to Cataloguing

Eng Aun Cheng

National University of Singapore

Mr. Cheng Eng Aun is Senior Librarian at the National University of Singapore Libraries. He leads the centralized Acquisitions operations of print and online materials for all NUS libraries. He is also responsible for analysing usage statistics and generating the statistical tables of the Library annual report.


Purpose: The National University of Singapore (NUS) Libraries comprises eight libraries. The acquisitions and cataloguing functions are centralised in the Technical Services Unit. The Ordering and Cataloguing Teams... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Chee Yong Ng (National University of Singapore)
  2. Eng Aun Cheng (National University of Singapore)

Topic Areas

Services , Analytics , Performance Indicators , Innovative Methods , Data , Usage , Methods


PA-9B » Collections (15:30 - Wednesday, 2nd August, Douglas Price Room)



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