Sharing experience with LibQUAL+

Norman Boyd

Anglia Ruskin University Library

Norman comes from a customer service background having worked in bookshops, a 'para-library' organisation, a Further Education library and 3 roles at Anglia Ruskin. He has run 2 instances of LibQUAL+ and found the process nerve-wracking, enlightening, inspiring, and challenging. 

Eileen Theodore-Shusta

Ohio University

Theodore-Shusta received an MLS from the University of Michigan and the Masters of Administrative Services from Northern Michigan University.  She has worked primarily in academic libraries, with some experience in special and school libraries. Her current responsibilities include coordinating assessment and strategic planning efforts at Ohio University Libraries.


Analysing LibQUAL+ results is one thing but before that happens choices have to be madeabout the survey, it then has to be run, closed and analysed. There are somethings we might do without thinking, for example, why do we ask... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Norman Boyd (Anglia Ruskin University Library)
  2. Eileen Theodore-Shusta (Ohio University)

Topic Areas

Organisational issues , Culture , Impact , Value , Analytics , Performance Indicators , Data , Methods


PA-1C » Workshop: Sharing Experiences of LibQUAL+ (11:00 - Monday, 31st July, Seminar Room 1)

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