Enduring exposure: Methodology from Tracking Information Literacy in Science Students (TILISS)

Denise Pan

University of Washington

As the Associate Dean for Collections and Content, Denise Pan oversees the areas of Acquisitions, Cataloging, Collection Development, and Preservation. Her research contributes to librarianship through publications and presentations focused on defining and demonstrating the impact of library resources in research and teaching.


Purpose: Does early exposure to scientific literature produce more information literate students? Can core subject instruction in critical thinking and practical analytical problem solving lead to long-term student success?... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Denise Pan (University of Washington)
  2. Margaret Bruehl (University of Colorado Denver)
  3. Jefferson Knight (University of Colorado Denver)
  4. Marino Resendiz (University of Colorado Denver)

Topic Areas

Learning , Collections , Impact , Value , Performance Indicators , Innovative Methods , Data , Methods , Frameworks


PA-9A » Information Literacy and Liaison (15:30 - Wednesday, 2nd August, Main Hall)



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