Understanding patient's use of primary care services to inform service redesign for management of chronic disease, specifically in the context of multimorbidity

Glenda Cook

Northumbria University

Glenda Cook is Professor of Nursing at Northumbria University, England. Her research interests concern quality of life of older people and enhancing service to optimise quality of life. Her current research portfolio includes the development of integrated and enabling preventative services for older people living in sheltered housing; development of chronic disease management services in primary care through data modelling; and assessing the effectiveness of non-pharmacological interventions to address dementia related challenging behaviour.


The operating context for primary care within the UK NHS is facing change as a consequence of the NHS Health & Social Care Act [2012]. As providers of primary care in England, general practices will be operating as contractors... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Glenda Cook (Northumbria University)
  2. Julie Johnston (Corbridge Medical Group)
  3. Roger Dykins (Corbridge Medical Group)
  4. Robin Hudson (Corbridge Medical Group)
  5. Akhtar Ali (Northumbria University)
  6. Alex Tang (Corbridge Medical Group)

Topic Area

Chronic illness


OS-1A » OS-1 Chronic Disease (10:20 - Monday, 30th March, classroom 1)

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