As Time Goes By: Reasons and characteristics of prolonged episodes of mechanical restraint in forensic psychiatry

Stephen Bradley

University College Cork

Dr Stephen Bradley Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing, Catherine McAuley School of Nursing and Midwifery, UCC. He brings experience gained through over twenty years in clinical practice in the UK; having worked with clients of all ages at one time or another. However, his particular concern is with the issues confronting younger clients (approx. 15-25yrs) facing ‘mental health issues'.He is a passionate believer in research and development that is grounded in the ‘real world’ and in encouraging mental health nurses at all levels to become involved in research and practice development. His own research is predominantly qualitative, focussing on client and staff accounts of healthcare experiences. He is particularly influenced by discourse/narrative approaches and how the ‘post’ critiques (post-modernism, post-structuralism, etc.) can be applied to healthcare.


Evidence suggests the prevalence and duration of mechanical restraint is particularly high among forensic psychiatric inpatients. However, only sparse knowledge exists regarding the reasons for, and characteristics of,... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Frederick Gildberg (University of Southern Denmark)
  2. Peter Fristed (Dept. of Psychiatry, Middelfart, Region of Southern Denmark)
  3. Guido Makransky (University of Southern Denmark)
  4. Elsebeth Holten Møller (Dept. of Psychiatry, Middelfart, Region of Southern Denmark)
  5. Lia Nielsen (Dept. of Psychiatry, Middelfart, Region of Southern Denmark)
  6. Stephen Bradley (University College Cork)

Topic Area

Mental health or psychosocial interventions


OS-3E » OS-3 Mental Health (14:40 - Monday, 30th March, seminar room 6)

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