Visual impacts of bark-beetle infested forests on recreation


Extensive outbreaks of introduced and native forest insects are globally increasing and can result in both tourism revenue and timber value losses. Little research exists on visitor response to visual changes in forest... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Arne Arnberger (Institute of Landscape Development, Recreation and Conservation Planning, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna)
  2. Ingrid Schneider (University of Minnesota)
  3. Stuart Cottrell (Human Dimensions of Natural Resources, Colorado State University)
  4. Eick von Ruschkowski (Alfred Toepfer Akademie für Naturschutz)
  5. et al. (Collaboration)

Topic Areas

Topics: Management of Human-Wildlife Conflicts: “Other” Species in Europe , Topics: Natural Resource and Conservation Stakeholders: Managing Expectations and Engageme


W-I3 » Lynx, Barkbeetle and Forest Dynamics: Five Years of Visitor Perceptions on Harz National Park Conservation Objectives Organized Session (14:00 - Wednesday, 19th September, Mönchehaus)

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