Attitudes towards wolves under different governance systems


As large carnivore populations are recovering in Europe and recolonizing areas where they have been absent for decades, understanding human conflicts over their management is of paramount importance in order to achieve... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Agnese Marino (Institute of Zoology and University College London)
  2. Juan Carlos Blanco (Fundación Oso Pardo)
  3. Sarah Durant (Institute of Zoology)
  4. Katherine Homewood (University College London)
  5. José Vicente López-Bao (Oviedo University)

Topic Areas

Topics: Management of Human-Wildlife Conflicts: Large Carnivores in Europe , Topics: Natural Resource and Conservation Stakeholders: Managing Expectations and Engageme


T-F3 » Wolf Management, Monitoring and Conflict 'A' (13:00 - Tuesday, 18th September, Großer Saal)

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