Anthropomorphism and Mutualist Wildlife Value Orientations: Conceptual refinements


Previous study in the United States has identified modernization as a key factor contributing to the emergence of mutualist wildlife value orientations. This phenomenon represents a cultural shift from the more... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Andrew Don Carlos (Colorado State University)
  2. Michael Manfredo (Colorado State University)
  3. Esmeralda G. Urquiza-haas (University of Vienna)
  4. Jeremy Bruskotter (Ohio State University)
  5. Alia Dietsch (Ohio State University)

Topic Area

Topics: Social-ecological systems as a framework for conservation management


T-G1 » Refocusing the Concept of Wildlife Value Orientations Organized Session (15:30 - Tuesday, 18th September, Großer Saal)

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