Contributions of social science research to conservation conflict management: The case of the eel fishing in Southern Spain


This presentation examines the contribution of social research for understanding and managing conservation conflicts and fostering negotiated solutions in which the demands of all parties are met, at least in part. To this... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Fernando E. Garrido (Instituto de Estudios Sociales Avanzados (IESA-CSIC))
  2. Jorge Ruiz (Instituto de Estudios Sociales Avanzados (IESA-CSIC))
  3. Regina Lafuente-fernández (Spanish National Research Council (CSIC))
  4. Rafael Villafuerte (Spa)

Topic Area

Topics: Management of Human-Wildlife Conflicts: “Other” Species in Europe


PP-1 » Poster and Pasta Session (19:00 - Monday, 17th September, Marmorsaal)

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