New Phosphorus Ligands for the Coordination of Gold(I) Complexes and Catalytic Applications

Louis Fensterbank

Sorbonne Universités - UPMC Paris 06

Louis Fensterbank graduated from Lyon in 1990 and obtained his Ph.D. on silicon chemistry in 1993 at Stony Brook with Scott Sieburth. He was appointed in 1995 Chargé de Recherche CNRS in Max Malacria’s team. In 2004, he was professor  at UPMC and, in 2008, was nominated junior member at IUF. His research interests concern the discovery of new molecular transformations using radical or organometallic processes for the synthesis of substrates with properties. He received the Prix de la DCO of the French Chemical Society (2016) and the CNRS Silver Medal  (2017) and was elected FRSC (2016).


Over the last years, our laboratory has devoted a lot of efforts into gold(I) homogeneous catalysis.[1] For that purpose, we have developed new gold(I) complexes using unusual phosphorus based ligands. Thus, we have prepared... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Louis Fensterbank (Sorbonne Universités - UPMC Paris 06)
  2. Virginie Mansuy (Sorbonne Universités - UPMC Paris 06)

Topic Area

P - Reactions of coordination compounds


OS1-217a » Reactions of coordination compounds (14:30 - Monday, 3rd July, 217a)

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