Aryl fluorides synthesis via a Balz-Schiemann type reaction: organotrifluoroborates as promising fluoride sources

Tharwat Mohy El Dine

University of British Columbia

Currently, a post-doctorate at the PERRIN LAB (since October 2016), University of British Columbia, Vancouver campus. The research project is multidisciplinary combining both organic chemistry and biology.My PhD thesis titled ''New Insights in Amide Bond Formation Mediated by Boron-Based Catalysts’’ was done at the LCMT laboratory, University of Caen Normandie (Jan 2013-Apr 2016) and supervised by Dr. Jerome Blanchet and Prof. Jacques Rouden. I did my M2 in ''Synthesis, Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry'' for the year 2011/2012 at the University of Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France and my Bachelor studies in ''General Chemistry'' at the Lebanese University, Lebanon.


The prominence of fluorinated aromatic compounds[1] in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, material sciences and 18F radiotracers for positron emission tomography (PET) have urged significant advances in the methods for aryl C-F... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Tharwat Mohy El Dine (University of British Columbia)
  2. Omar Sadek (University of British Columbia)
  3. Emmanuel Gras (Université Paul Sabatier)
  4. David Perrin (University of British Columbia)

Topic Areas

B - Recycling, green chemistry, environment impact & sustainability , B - Bioinorganic chemistry and application in medicine


OS3-217b » Recycling, green chemistry, environment impact & sustainability (14:30 - Wednesday, 5th July, 217b)

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