From stabilization to activation: Different applications of a methylene-bridged frustrated Lewis pair

Devin Boom

University of Amsterdam

Devin Boom obtained his Master’s degree in chemistry at the VU university of Amsterdam. Currently, he is almost at the end of his PhD track in the group of Chris Slootweg at the University of Amsterdam, where he is focusing on frustrated Lewis pair chemistry both experimentally and theoretically.


Since the discovery in 2006 that frustrated Lewis pairs (FLPs) can heterolytically split dihydrogen[1], a new field of main-group chemistry and catalysis was born. Since then, FLPs have been reported to activate a large... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Devin Boom (University of Amsterdam)
  2. Andreas Ehlers (University of Amsterdam)
  3. Chris Slootweg (University of Amsterdam)

Topic Areas

B - Computational and theoretical chemistry , B - General aspects of inorganic chemistry , P - Computational and theoretical chemistry , P - Advanced synthesis and characterization , P - General aspects of inorganic chemistry


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