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Anne-Frederique Pecharman

University of Bath

I did my undergraduate at The Université Paul Sabatier. Then I did my PhD under the supervision of Prof Polly Arnold and Prof Jason Love on the Reductive functionnalisation of the uranyl dication, then I moved back to Toulouse for my post doc under the supervision of Dr Nicolas Mézailles. I am currently a post doc in the group of Prof Michael Hill at The University of Bath.


Organoborane derivatives provide some of the most versatile and useful intermediates in synthetic and medicinal chemistry. In 2006, Nozaki, Yamashita and co-workers provided a breakthrough in organoelement synthesis via the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Anne-Frederique Pecharman (University of Bath)
  2. Annie Colebatch (University of Bath)
  3. Michael Hill (University of Bath)
  4. Claire Mcmullin (University of Bath)
  5. Mary Mahon (University of Bath)
  6. Catherine Weetman (University of Bath)

Topic Area

B - Reactions of coordination compounds


OS1-217a » Reactions of coordination compounds (14:30 - Monday, 3rd July, 217a)

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