Phosphine Based Gold Catalysts for the Asymmetric Hydroamination of Alkenes: Effects of Silver, Anion and Solvent

Christophe Michon

CNRS/University Lille/ENSCL

Christophe Michon defended PhD in chemistry at Strasbourg Univ. in 2003 (Dr. J. P. Djukic, Dr. M. Pfeffer) and Habilitation in 2014 (Lille Univ.). He occupied several post-doctoral positions in U.S.A (Prof. R. J. Angelici, Ames Lab. U.S.D.O.E./Iowa State Univ.), in Japan (Prof. M. Uemura, Kyoto Pharm. Univ.) and in Switzerland (Prof. J. Lacour, Geneva Univ.). Since 2009, he has been a senior scientist (CR1) at CNRS, UCCS-Lille Univ. France. His research interests are in the field of homogeneous catalysis with a focus on hydrofunctionalizations.


Nowadays, achieving highly enantioselective gold catalysed hydroamination of alkenes remain challenging1 and we would like to report herein our last results. Following our works on activated alkenes2a and allenes,2b the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Christophe Michon (CNRS/University Lille/ENSCL)
  2. Marc-Antoine Abadie (University Lille 1 / ENSCL)
  3. Florian Medina (University Lille 1 / ENSCL)
  4. Francine Agbossou (CNRS / University Lille 1 / ENSCL)

Topic Areas

P - Catalysis processes & applications , P - Advanced synthesis and characterization , P - Reactions of coordination compounds


OS3-217a » Catalysis processes & applications (14:30 - Wednesday, 5th July, 217a)

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