Striking features of an acyclic silylene-nickel(0) complex in the activation of small molecules

Terrance Hadlington

TU Berlin

Terrance completed his Masters research under Professor Michael Hill, University of Bath, investigating the use of the alkaline earth metals in catalysis. From here he moved to Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, to undertake his PhD studies with Professor Cameron Jones, in the development of heavier group 14 element catalysts. His subsequent PhD thesis was awarded the Vice Chancellors Commendation Award for Science, as well as being published in the Springer Theses series. He is now a Postdoctoral Fellow of the centre of excellence UniCat, working with Professor Matthias Driess in reactive transition-metal silylene chemistry.


  Since the first isolable N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) from Arduengo in 1991,1 carbenes have seen numerous applications, most notably so as both ligands in transition metal catalysis and as catalysts in their own right.... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Terrance Hadlington (TU Berlin)
  2. Tibor Szilvasi (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  3. Matthias Driess (TU Berlin)

Topic Areas

B - Advanced synthesis and characterization , B - Reactions of coordination compounds , Si - Computational and theoretical chemistry , Si - Advanced synthesis and characterization , Si - Reactions of coordination compounds


OS2b-217a » Advanced synthesis and characterization (16:20 - Tuesday, 4th July, 217a)

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