Synthesis of Chiral Spiro-Oxaphospholenes

Jan Berton

Ghent University

Jan Berton (1988) obtained his degree in Bioscience Engineering in 2011 from Ghent University, Belgium. He next joined the SynBioC group, starting a PhD under the guidance of Prof. Christian V. Stevens at the Department of Sustainable Organic Chemistry and Technology. In 2016 and 2017, he was a visiting PhD student at Montpellier National Graduate School of Chemistry (ENSCM), France. In his PhD research, he studies the synthesis and reactivity of allenylphosphonates and aminoallenylphosphonates for their use as precursors for compounds with various biological activities. He is also involved in projects dealing with continuous flow technology and renewable chemistry.


The importance of chiral BINOL phosphate catalysts 1 in asymmetric transformations can hardly be underestimated. Although many chiral catalysts have been prepared and assessed for their enantioselective properties, only few... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Jan Berton (Ghent University)
  2. Hadi Salemi (Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences)
  3. Chris Stevens (Ghent University)
  4. David Virieux (ENSCM)

Topic Areas

P - Catalysis processes & applications , P - Advanced synthesis and characterization


OS2a-217a » Advanced synthesis and characterization (13:30 - Tuesday, 4th July, 217a)

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