Integrating life /social sciences and citizen trainers in Nurse Education - a N. Ireland initiative

Johanna McMullan

Queens University Belfast

My background is in accident and emergency nursing having worked in Scotland, London and Belfast is various ER's. I have been working at Queen's University for 11 years, teaching Biomedical Sciences. My passion is good teaching, and main research interests are in how the quality of teaching does not depend on didactic lecturing but a blend of interaction, technology enhanced learning and embracing the new generations way of thinking into my work.


As a result of significant discussion and interdisciplinary negotiation the life, social sciences public health/ health education were drawn together in the one module for the academic year 2012/13. The module provides an... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Johanna McMullan (Queens University Belfast)
  2. John Power (Queens University Belfast)

Topic Area

Innovations in research methodology, education or clinical practice


PP-WT » Posters: Wednesday and Thursday (13:30 - Wednesday, 4th November, Outside Seminar Room 1.10)

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