Phenomenology, embodiment and physical education

Steven Stolz

La Trobe University

Steven A. Stolz, PhD is a Senior Lecturer at La Trobe University, Australia. Before he became an academic, he taught for 10 years as a secondary school teacher in the following curriculum areas: mathematics, science, religious education, health and physical education. He also has a background in analytical and continental traditions of philosophy which has led to a diverse array of research interests that range from: philosophy of action, moral philosophy, aesthetics, epistemology, and phenomenology. At the moment, his primary area of scholarship is concerned with educational philosophy and theory, but he also has a particular interest in the areas of embodied cognition, narrative enquiry, and learning theories in psychology. His scholarship is best described as being located at the intersection between education and philosophy, particularly how theory informs practice, and/or how practice informs theory. Recent publications of note include: Alasdair MacIntyre, Rationality, and Education: Against Education of Our Age published by Springer in 2019 (available from July 2018 onwards), an edited book titled, Theory and Philosophy in Education Research: Methodological Dialogues published by Routledge in 2018 (available from March 2018 onwards), “A genealogical analysis of the concept of ‘good’ teaching: A polemic” in the Journal of Philosophy of Education, “MacIntyre, rationality, and universities” in Civil Society, Education and Human Formation, and “A narrative approach exploring philosophy in education and educational research” in Educational Studies.


Since the rise of phenomenology in the Continental tradition in philosophy, physical education and sports pedagogy as a discipline area, or field has some ad hoc examples to call on that claim to use a phenomenological... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Steven Stolz (La Trobe University)
  2. Malcolm Thorburn (University of Edinburgh)
  3. Jonas Holst (San Jorge University)

Topic Areas

• Transformative learning and teaching in physical education and sports pedagogy , • Innovative perspectives on physical education, physical activity, health and wellbeing a


PS4-B » Symposium (08:30 - Friday, 27th July, Pollock, St Leonard's Hall)

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