The impact of the outsourcing of Health and Physical Education on curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment

Leigh Sperka

The University of Queensland

Leigh Sperka is a PhD candidate and Associate Lecturer within the School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences at The University of Queensland. Her research is connected to the Australian Research Council ‘Health and Physical Education Without Borders’ project and investigates the impact of external providers on curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment within the health and physical education context.


Background Health and Physical Education (HPE) futures are currently the focus of much speculation. The outsourcing of curricular work to external agencies is one such change that is already influencing HPE. There is, however,... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Leigh Sperka (The University of Queensland)

Topic Areas

• Physical education, policy engagement and economic liberalism , • Innovative perspectives on physical education, physical activity, health and wellbeing a


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