Effects of Situated Game Teaching through Set Plays on Secondary Students' Tactical Knowledge and Situational Interest in physical education

Xiuye Xie

The Ohio State University

Dr. Xiuye Xie currently is an Assistant Professor at the Western Michigan University. She graduated from The Ohio State University with her Ph.D. degree in Kinesiology in May 2018. Her research interests focus on three areas: teacher's knowledge, students' motivation and learning, and curricular model. 


Based on Situated Learning Theory (Lave & Wenger, 1991), Li and Xie (2017) have proposed a curricular model called “Situated Game Teaching through Set Plays” (SGTSP) to teach sports and games in physical education. The... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Xiuye Xie (The Ohio State University)
  2. Weidong Li (The Ohio State University)
  3. Daekyun Oh (The Ohio State University)

Topic Areas

• Transformative learning and teaching in physical education and sports pedagogy , • Innovative perspectives on physical education, physical activity, health and wellbeing a


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