Student perceptions of integrating technology and homework into physical education

Risto Marttinen

California State University, Fullerton

Risto Marttinen is an assistant professor at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, USA. He received a doctorate in education in curriculum and teaching in physical education from Teachers College Columbia University, New York in 2015. The title of his dissertation was "Effect of the Fitness Integrated with Technology (F.I.T.) unit on student attitudes and physical activity levels in physical education.” Risto’s research revolves around working with students in after-school physical education programs in urban, underserved areas, the integration of academic subjects into physical education classes, as well as research on student attitudes and physical activity levels in physical education. 


Introduction: The introduction of technology into the physical education (PE) setting has been welcomed in some contexts yet implementation challenges are abundant. Minimal research has been conducted on student perceptions of... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Risto Marttinen (California State University, Fullerton)
  2. David Daum (San Jose State University)
  3. Joshua Santiago (California State University, Fullerton)
  4. Stephen Silverman (Teachers College Columbia University)

Topic Area

• Innovative perspectives on physical education, physical activity, health and wellbeing a


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