Pupils' Views of Comprehensive Whole-of-School Physical Activity Programming


Background/Purpose: Systems Theory (Von Bertalanffy, 2015) and the Whole-of-School Physical Activity model (e.g., CDC, 2013) were used to frame this study to determine pupils’ perceptions of comprehensive school health... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Pamela Kulinna (Arizona State University)
  2. Shannon Mulhearn (Arizona State University)
  3. Henry Yu (Arizona State University)
  4. Janelle Griffo (Arizona State University)
  5. Timothy Brusseau (University of Utah)

Topic Areas

• Empowering practitioners and supporting professional learning , • Innovative perspectives on physical education, physical activity, health and wellbeing a


PS5-E » Oral - Whole school developments (11:00 - Friday, 27th July, Pentland East, JMCC)

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