Physical Education Interim Benchmarks Assessment at Elementary School in Portugal - teachers' expectations

Rui Neves

University of Aveiro

Assistant Professor of the Department of Education and Psychology, effective member of the Center for Research in Teaching and Technology in the Training of Trainers - University of Aveiro (Portugal). Research interests centered on Physical Education in primary school, projects to promote physical activity and training of educators and teachers for the first years.


Background and purpose:The Physical Education Interin Benchmarks Assessment (PEIBA) for 2nd year students (aged between 7 and 8) took place for the first time in Portugal. Its objectives were: i) To monitor the development of... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Maria João Silva (University of Aveiro)
  2. Mariana Pereira (University of Aveiro)
  3. Rafaela Queirós (University of Aveiro)
  4. Samuel Ferreira (University of Aveiro)
  5. Rui Neves (University of Aveiro)

Topic Area

• Innovative perspectives on physical education, physical activity, health and wellbeing a


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