Influence of Exposure with Xe Radiation on Heterojunction Solar Cell a-SiC/c-Si Studied by Impedance Spectroscopy


The efficiency of heterostructures a-SiC/c-Si may be the same or even better in comparison with conventional silicon structures when suitable adjustment of technological parameters and adding other suitable layers such as... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Juraj Packa (Slovak University of Technology)
  2. Milan Perný (Slovak University of Technology)
  3. Vladimír Šály (Slovak University of Technology)
  4. Miroslav Mikolasek (Slovak University of Technology)
  5. Michal Váry (Slovak University of Technology)
  6. Jozef Huran (Slovak Academy of Sciences)
  7. Ladislav Hrubčín (Slovak Academy of Sciences)
  8. Vladimir Skuratov (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research)
  9. Juraj Arbet (Slovak Academy of Sciences)

Topic Areas

Photovoltaics and solar cells at nanoscale , Nanotechnology for environment and energy


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