Meyer-Neldel temperature on carrier transport of C70 molecular solid

Sezaimaru Kouki

Kyushu Institute of Technology

Sezaimaru Kouki is now a master course student of Kyushu Institutes of Technology in Fukuoka, Japan. He mainly studies electronic property of trimetallic nitride endohedral fullerenes.


Recently, the Meyer-Neldel rule was also observed on charge carrier mobility of fullerene materials such as C60 and C60/C70 mixture. At the Meyer-Neldel temperature, the charge carrier mobility becomes independent of the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Sezaimaru Kouki (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
  2. Nakashima Fumihiro (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
  3. Yong Sun (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
  4. Koichi Onishi (Kyushu Institute of Technology)

Topic Area

Nanoelectronic systems, components & devices


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