Implications of ‘BREXIT’ (the 2016 British vote to exit from the EU) on autism research and policy

Arun Mehta

The Arun Mehta Show

Arun Mehta is a person with autism currently employed as an IT Support Technician for an international insurance broker. At the time in the aftereffects of the 2008 economics crisis Arun was fresh out of university, and had elements within his CV that were attractive to potential employers, but his disabilities presented great challenges when interacting in interviews and everyday job activities. However, thanks to the EU-funded Work Choice program, he was able to be helped by someone from the IT field into a place of work.

In his spare time, Arun is a talk radio host for The Arun Mehta Show covering news, politics, entertainment and sports. Featuring various interviews, debates and opinion segments. The show has featured a variety of guests from Hey Arnold! Executive Producer Craig Bartlett to Former UK Business Secretary Vince Cable.

Arun has been a talk radio host since 2007, and has appeared on several radio stations including Fuse FM and North Manchester FM. In 2009, Arun was awarded the Best Regular Non-Music Feature Award by Pure 107.8FM.


This short discussion group, led by Arun Mehta, will discuss what the potential lasting effects might be of the 2016 vote by the British electorate to leave the European Union. All delegates are welcome to attend, listen and... [ view full abstract ]


Q4 » Discussion Group (11:00 - Sunday, 18th September, Tinto Room)