Meeting for autistic delegates

Dr Damian Milton

The National Autistic Society

Damian has completed his doctorate at the University of Birmingham. He is a member of the programme board for the Autism Education Trust, and a member of the scientific and advisory committee for Research Autism. Damian works for the National Autistic Society as Head of Autism Knowledge and Expertise (Adults and Community) and as a researcher for London South Bank University. Damian’s interest in autism began when his son was diagnosed in 2005 as autistic at the age of two. Damian was also diagnosed with Asperger’s in 2009 at the age of thirty-six.


This meeting is a chance for autistic delegates attending the congress to come together and meet one another. The meeting will be chaired by Dr. Damian Milton, who will start the meeting with a short presentation. This... [ view full abstract ]


M1 » Meeting for autistic delegates (11:20 - Friday, 16th September, Tinto room)