Autism and ageing

Dr Wenn Lawson


Psychologist, lecturer and author, Dr. Wenn has run his own business for 20 yrs. At age 2yrs, he was misdiagnosed as being intellectually disabled and at school of being incapable of doing as he was told. At 17yrs he was again misdiagnosed, but with schizophrenia, and spent the following 25yrs. in and out of Mental Health Institutions; eventually age 42yrs, being diagnosed with an autism spectrum condition, with ADHD and learning difficulties. Being on the autism spectrum, Dr. Wenn is passionate about the rights of those who so often cannot speak for themselves. Dr. Wenn is the parent of four children (youngest son on the autism spectrum), and grand-parent to three, (including two gorgeous little girls, both on the autism spectrum) and knows the value of Family.

Dr. Wenn is currently a Teaching Fellow with Birmingham University, UK, and a sessional lecturer at Melbourne University, Australia; Leiden University, NL’s and other universities around the globe. He resides on several boards (including the local College) and The Autism Journal Open Access and is an advisor to researchers with the CRC in Australia. He has written numerous books (and Papers) on the topic of autism spectrum conditions (ASC) (e.g., Jessica Kingsley Pubs. Guildford Publishers and Routledge, amongst others) in a variety of guises. ‘’Today’s technology is helping us connect to the world we all share in ways once beyond us”.

Dr. Wenn has presented as KeyNote speaker at The first World Autism Congress in Melbourne; as KeyNote speaker to the Australian & Pacific International Autism Conference (APAC) and at numerous conferences around the world over many years. He has facilitated workshops as co-presenter with Prof. Temple Grandin and Dr. Tony Attwood on several occasions. His life and work have been the subject of several television shows such as ‘The Seven Thirty Report’ and have been featured on the Life Style Channel and the ABC in Australia. Recognised in the Southern and Northern hemisphere by Governments and individual’s alike for his quality and practical research, Wenn has received a number of awards, such as the Australian and Pacific Autism Award; The Naturally Autistic Community Award; Australian of the year (fourth in the State); The Author of the year and Most Esteemed Speaker, are among these. Dr. Wenn’s seminars are research based, yes, but they are also practical, down to earth and applicable to all individuals, parents, professionals and others wanting to understand ASC and make a difference. You can read more about his work at: or contact him at: Mob. Australia +61(0)408304371 or UK: +44 (0)7947031200


This talk focuses upon autism and ageing. It briefly explores five key areas - memory, movement, sensory profiling, language and autonomy. The talk will draw from the larger body of general research around ASC with regard to... [ view full abstract ]


PL-15 » Plenary Lecture (12:20 - Sunday, 18th September, Pentland Auditorium)