Getting in early: the critical importance of early intervention with children on the autism spectrum

Gina Davies

The Gina Davies Autism Centre

The services available through the Gina Davies Autism Centre have been developed and formed over several years by renowned autism expert, Gina Davies. Gina is a qualified Speech and Language Therapist who turned her passion for communication development into practical and joyful intervention strategies for parents and professionals dealing with autism. She has worked with hundreds of autistic children in schools, nurseries and residential settings, and directly with parents, carers and families. As well as being an accomplished conference speaker and highly acclaimed practitioner in autism, Gina has established parent groups, social skills groups, language and communication services. She has set up and run programmes in specialist and mainstream schools, working closely within the educational framework. Gina lives in Surrey and remains very much hands-on with children, parents and professionals, traveling extensively in the UK and internationally.


Parental anxiety about a child's development is often the first signal that something might be amiss but accessing specialist multidisciplinary assessment teams and services can be difficult. The processes involved can lead to... [ view full abstract ]


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