Encouraging schools to commit more curriculum time to effectively and explicitly address the huge social challenges that many autistic young people face to build resilience and emotional wellbeing

Justin Price

Freemantles School

Justin has spent 24 years working in Special Education. He has been a head teacher for the last 11 years, initially in a school for children with Severe Learning Difficulties, and for the last 6 years at Freemantles School in Woking. Freemantles is a school specifically for children and young people with complex autism, who also lead an extensive Outreach Service which supports over 750 children in the west of Surrey. Since taking on this role Justin and the school staff have become progressively more interested in how they can effectively address all aspects of emotional wellbeing. Specifically they have developed an interest in their approaches to efficiently teach social understanding to both the pupils at the school and those in mainstream settings. Freemantles is the pioneer Social Stories Satellite School and Justin is one of the school’s Carol Gray accredited Social Stories Trainers. He has worked closely with Peter Vermeulen to ensure these approaches actually address the challenges that each young person faces.


This presentation intends to explore the major challenge that faces children and young people with Autism when trying to make sense of the social world. It will highlight the vulnerability of these young people to both being... [ view full abstract ]


R8 » Workshop (09:00 - Sunday, 18th September, Sidlaw Auditorium)