Tackling early death in autism

Dr James Cusack


James undertook his PhD at the University of Aberdeen where he studied how people with autism detect the actions of others. In his post-doctoral studies worked on the development of an automated measure of facial imitation for use in the study of autism, mood disorders and schizophrenia.

He has sat on a number of advisory panels discussing the role of research in autism, and was vocal in the production of the report; A Future Made Together and the publication; Educational Provision and Outcomes for People on the Autism Spectrum. He was part of a core stakeholder group which successfully campaigned for Scotland’s first ever autism strategy. James was also a member of Autistica’s own Science Review Panel since January 2014. From a young age James has also worked directly with families affected by autism, as well as having experience in clinical, educational and social care settings.

James is currently Director of Science at Autistica (an autism research charity).


Research across Europe is beginning to uncover an appalling and unacceptably high risk of early death for autistic people. Recent research from Sweden has supported prior findings, finding that, on average, autistic people... [ view full abstract ]


R3 » Workshop (17:30 - Friday, 16th September, Sidlaw Auditorium)