Unified Rugby – An invisible curriculum in action

Jamie Armstrong

Trust Rugby International

Jamie started his professional career as a self-employed electrical contractor and built his first small and highly successful company by specializing in fault finding and rewiring precious buildings.

After his first heart operation he stopped playing competitive Rugby and followed his second dream of being a professional performance artist

After his second heart operation and for the past 21 years, Jamie has come full circle by returning to his root of rugby AND supporting individuals and teams to ‘re wire their own precious circuitry’.

"His ability to be deep inside an idea, belief and a person all at the same time is a compelling force that opens people up and allows them to make positive change and realise their dreams". Nancy Kline, Author of Time to Think

In 2010 he founded Trust Rugby International


To truly unlock potential we first need to identify and remove any blocks that are in the way. Virtually everything in human life is driven by assumptions. Some assumptions are true and liberating. They lead to desirable... [ view full abstract ]


R14 » Rugby for autistics workshop (13:15 - Saturday, 17th September, Tinto room)