Stigma towards individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder: a comparison of UK-based Nigerians and English attitudes

Chris Papadopoulos

University of Bedfordshire

I am a Principal Lecturer in Public Health at the University of Bedfordshire. My research background predominantly centres on public mental health and psychological well-being, in particular understanding mental illness stigma across and within cultures and vulnerable populations. My other main research interests include stigma associated with autism and other disabilities, self-stigma, displaced persons, students and older adult mental health, inpatient psychiatry, substance misuse, and loneliness. My research was included in the University of Bedfordshire's select REF 2014 submission (3* and 4* ratings).I am also the founder of the London Autism Group and the London Autism Research Advisory Group. The latter's primary objective is to help improve the quality of both planned and active research studies by ensuring that people whose lives have been influenced by autism can use their voice, experience and perspectives to better shape proposed autism research.


Introduction: The stigma associated with autism is associated with a wide range of damaging consequences including discrimination, loneliness and exclusion, and reduced service uptake all of which impacts upon the health and... [ view full abstract ]

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Ethical approval was granted from the University of Bedfordshire’s Institute for Health Research Ethics Committee in February 2015. There were no conflicts of interest. [ view full abstract ]


  1. Chris Papadopoulos (University of Bedfordshire)

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