Supporting the transition to adulthood: the experiences of parents, carers and family members across four European countries

Tracey Francis


Tracey Francis is a freelance writer and researcher with extensive experience in communications and children and young people's policy at national and European levels. She has worked for children and young people's charities in Scotland since 2002, most recently as Communications and Administration Manager for Mindroom, a Scottish charity supporting people with learning difficulties and their families. In September 2015 she left to support her 19-year-old daughter through her own post school transition. She is particularly interested in improving the chances and life choices available to young people who face barriers to learning, and in sharing good practice across international boundaries.


A fresh perspective on the transition to adulthood and the range of support roles that are undertaken at this stage by parents, carers and family members, from a researcher who is also the parent of a 19-year-old with... [ view full abstract ]

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All participants in the study were pre-selected by locally based organisations with whom they had an established and ongoing relationship: for example, parents' associations, supported employment agencies, and other support... [ view full abstract ]


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S9 » Symposia: Lifespan; life cycles/transitions I (09:00 - Saturday, 17th September, Tinto Room)

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