How to develop a digital game for screening for high functioning autism at kindergarten age: from evidence-based planning to the first results from evaluation

Krisztina Stefanik

ELTE University

Krisztina Stefanik, Ph.D. Autism-professional, psychologist. Recently she is the leader of the new ‘Education for Autism Spectrum’ specialisation at the Eötvös Loránd University Bárczi Gusztáv Faculty of Education for Special Needs, Budapest, Hungary. Her main research interests are the evidence-based screening, diagnostics and support in ASD; the cognitive psychological background of ASD and its influence on practical work; prospective investigations on prognostic factors and on the efficiency of treatment methods. She has considerable clinical experience both in diagnostics and in intervention, as for 20 years she had worked at Autism Foundation, Budapest, for years as the head of its out-patient clinic and later as the principal professional of the Foundation. She was the head expert of the projects for the Hungarian adaptation of ADOS and ADI-R and their introduction into clinical practice. She participated in important developments in the field of ASD, such as the Hungarian National Autism Strategy; the Guidelines for Autism/Autism Spectrum Disorders of Ministry of Health; the methodological guide of Autism-specific Supported Employment; and the screening & diagnostic protocol of ASD for Educational Services. Recently she has been involved in projects for developing assistive digital technologies for people with ASD.


Background and objectives: Screening and diagnosis of autism are based on behavioural data; established screening tools rely on human expertise. The final aims of our project are creating and evaluating an affordable but... [ view full abstract ]

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This research project has been approved by the Research Ethics Committee of the 'Barczi Gusztav' Faculty of Special Education, ELTE University, Budapest, Hungary. There is no conflict of interests. Certain elements of the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Miklos Gyori (ELTE University)
  2. Zsófia Borsos (ELTE University)
  3. Krisztina Stefanik (ELTE University)
  4. Judit Csákvári (ELTE University)

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S3 » Symposia: Screening, diagnosis and assessment I (12:00 - Friday, 16th September, Tinto Room)

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