Stimming results of a online survey of 100 Autistic people

Robyn Steward

Centre for Research in Autism and Education (CRAE), UCL IoE

Robyn Steward is Autistic and had worked im Autism for over 10 years, most of her work is training profesionals to help them understandAutistic people better. Robyn is intrested in the differnt experiances each Autistic person has, anf how this can best be communicated .


a. Introduction “Stimming” is the word commonly used within the Autism community to describe Repetitive Routine Behaviour e.g flapping, rocking etc . Many professionals believe that this behaviour should be stopped and... [ view full abstract ]

Ethics and permissions statement and / or disclosure of potential conflict of interest (if relevant)

I am not aware of any ethical issues,and have consulted researchers who are more experienced then myself. There are no potential conflicts of interests [ view full abstract ]


  1. Robyn Steward (Centre for Research in Autism and Education (CRAE), UCL IoE)

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