The Same But Different: Supporting adults with Asperger's in a mental health service

Susan Munro

NHS Tayside

I am a Speech and Language Therapist working in adult mental health services and with a special interest in autistic spectrum conditions.


Asperger's Syndrome is commonly associated with mental health difficulties (Ghaziuddin 2005), however, community mental health teams often feel ill-equipped to meet the needs of these individuals. However, a national strategy... [ view full abstract ]

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The group described was a practice development project and therefore an integral part of the work undertaken by members of the mental health team. Participants were offered the opportunity to participate in the group in the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Susan Munro (NHS Tayside)
  2. Hilary Hart (NHS Tayside)

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Topics: Practice


V6B » Oral Posters: Comorbidities; mental health and wellbeing; access to healthcare II (09:40 - Saturday, 17th September, Moorfoot Room)