Eclectic Classroom Practice and Well-Being: A Model of Mindful Blending

Marie Howley


Marie Howley has 30 years experience teaching learners of all ages and abilities who are on the autism spectrum. She has led and co-ordinated provision for learners with autism in special schools and provided advisory support to mainstream schools. Marie currently leads a range of under-graduate and post-graduate autism spectrum modules at the University of Northampton. Her research interests include autism and classroom practice, and complex special educational needs and mental health. Marie's publications focus on classroom practice and approaches to autism education.


Background The need for eclectic educational practice is widely documented, given the wide range of individual needs and strengths of learners with autism. This research explored teachers’ decisions when selecting and... [ view full abstract ]

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Ethics and permissions The research was approved and overseen by the University of Northampton’s ethics committee. The researcher engaged with supervisory support from the University to ensure quality and integrity. Head... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Marie Howley (Uni)

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Topics: Practice


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