Using parent workgroups to expand the diet of a child with autism

Callum Parker

Tailor Ed Foundation

I am a Project Worker at the Tailor Ed Foundation and I work directly with families, who are referred to the service. I have worked with the organisation since 2013 and deliver interventions to children with autism and their families. After prioritising a fundamental daily living skill as the target, I design an intervention alongside the family and provide support in implementing the intervention. Depending on the assessment, the support may be going out to the family’s house and working directly with their child and the parents or it might be supporting the parents to implement the intervention through meetings, phone calls or emails. Some examples of interventions I have done at Tailor Ed include: communication (specifically someone being able to request their wants and needs), accepting being told ‘no’ to requests and expanding restricted diets.Before Tailor Ed, I have worked with children with autism since 2007. This has been in a variety of settings including, family homes, play schemes and social clubs. I have an honours degree in psychology at Edinburgh University, graduating in 2012. I also have personal experience of autism due to my younger brother having a diagnosis.


Background/Objectives Children with autism can have restricted diets. This is a source of stress for parents who want their child to eat a balanced diet. For the child, their health and energy levels can be affected. There is... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Callum Parker (Tailor Ed Foundation)
  2. Kate Langer (Tailor Ed Foundation)
  3. Ruth Philip (Tailor Ed Foundation)

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V8B » Oral Posters: Management of challenging behaviour; eating/feeding disorders II (13:00 - Saturday, 17th September, Moorfoot Room)

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