Pushing In, Collaborating and Supporting Children to be Happy. One Therapy Team's Experience in Creating a Positive Model

Michelle Forssberg

Northern School for Autism

Michelle Forssberg is Senior Occupational Therapist at Northern School for Autism, Victoria, Australia. She has worked in areas of Child and Adolescent Mental Health, and in special education.Areas of interest include autism and sensory rooms to assist with regulation.


Background An Occupational Therapy team at the Northern School for Autism, Victoria, Australia was given the task of developing and implementing a Push In or Collaborative model of service delivery for students. Our school... [ view full abstract ]

Ethics and permissions statement and / or disclosure of potential conflict of interest (if relevant)

No conflict of interest. Written Permission from parents has been obtained to include photos of 2 students in the poster presentation. No names have been used to identify students. Permission has been gained to cite the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Michelle Forssberg (Northern School for Autism)

Topic Area

Topics: Practice


V2A » Oral Posters: Communication; interventions I (14:40 - Friday, 16th September, Moorfoot Room)