Educating the Workforce about Autism – A Strategic Approach to Education and Training for Health and Social Care staff in Scotland

Janine Robinson

NHS Education for Scotland

Dr Janine Robinson is a Chartered Consultant Clinical Psychologist and a specialist in the field of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) she works at NHS Education for Scotland (NES) where she and colleagues have prepared the NES Autism Training Framework: Optimising Outcomes and the NES Autism Training Plan for staff working in health and social care settings across Scotland. She continues this work in developing and commissioning autism education and training across the workforce in Scotland. She also has a part-time consultant post in the specialist Asperger’s Syndrome diagnostic clinic (CLASS) in the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust, is currently a CLAHRC Fellow (East of England) and contributes to clinical research, training and supervision in ASD.

Gail Milroy

NHS Education for Scotland

Dr Gail Milroy has been a Principal Educator for the Autism work within NHS Education for Scotland since September 2014. Her role has involved contributing to the development and promotion of the NHS Autism Training Framework: Optimising Outcomes and the associated Training Plan along with developing further autism resources and training for staff across health and social care services. She is also a Clinical Psychologist within a Community Paediatric service in NHS Ayrshire and Arran where a significant part of her role is in the assessment and diagnosis of autism for children and young people many of whom have associated developmental, physical or emotional and behavioural concerns. She is involved in providing post diagnostic support and intervention and has particular interest in sleep problems and their impact. She also contributes along with her colleagues to teaching and training locally.


Background Autism affects individuals, their families and carers across the lifespan and ability range. It frequently co-occurs with a range of physical and mental health conditions and, at times, individuals need access to... [ view full abstract ]

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  1. Janine Robinson (NHS Education for Scotland)
  2. Gail Milroy (NHS Education for Scotland)
  3. Marie Claire Shankland (NHS Education for Scotland)

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