Integrating at a National Level to Improve Integrated Support for Individuals with ASD at a Service Level

Johanna Manikiza

Welsh Local Government Association

Johanna is the National Autism Lead for Wales, and has supported the implementation of the Welsh Government ASD Strategic Action Plan over the past 7 years. With a clinical background, Johanna has created numerous National resources and has been a key player in developing Wales' new Integrated Autism Service. Based in the Welsh Local Government Association, funded by the Welsh Government, Johanna heads up the National Autism Development Team and has a key role in developing and coordinating provision and resources in Wales.


Extensive consultation with individuals with ASD, their family and carers, professionals and services has identified issues and gaps in provision across all services and age ranges. In recognition of this a new ASD Action Plan... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Johanna Manikiza (Welsh Local Government Association)
  2. Tracy Hinton (Welsh Local Government Association)

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Topics: Policy


S2 » Symposia: Policy, national/regional strategies; sociological studies II (12:00 - Friday, 16th September, Fintry Auditorium)

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