Making mobile devices and services more usable by and useful for people with autism and other cognitive and learning disabilities

Michael Pluke

Castle Consulting Ltd.

Michael Pluke is a user experience and accessibility consultant who specializes in the field of mobile telecommunications. He is vice-chairman of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) Human Factors committee and has led a number of ETSI Specialist Task Forces that have developed usability/accessibility standards. He is currently leading a Specialist Task Force that is developing guidelines about how mobile communications devices and services can be designed in ways that make them more usable by and more valuable to people with cognitive and learning disabilities.


A lot of work has been done to define how mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) and services can be designed so that they can be used by, and be helpful to, people with a range of physical and sensory disabilities. There... [ view full abstract ]

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The work described is carried out by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and is co-funded by the European Commission. The funding is used to pay a selected team of experts to carry out the work (to... [ view full abstract ]


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