Regional brain volumes in 3-6-month-old infants with and without a sibling with autism

Grainne McAlonan

King's College London

I am a an academic clinician (Reader) with a PhD in Neuroscience. My research focus is on neurodevelopment disorders including Autism Spectrum (ASD). I use MRI as a tool to link brain and behaviour in people with conditions such as ASD. My research agenda is informed by the patients with neurodevelopmental disorders that I see in the National ADHD and Autism Service for Adults at the Maudsley Hospital.As Head of Research within the Behavioural Developmental Psychiatry (BDP) Clinical Academic Group (CAG) of South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, I aim to fully integrate research into neurodevelopmental disorders such as ASD with clinical practice. The BDP CAG agenda I promote has the following objectives:I. To examine the causes of neurodevelopment disorders, starting as young as before birth.II. To develop and evaluate novel diagnostic and treatment response prediction toolsIII.To advance new strategies (including pharmacological) for intervention and prevention


Little is known about the critical period of infant brain maturation in typically developing individuals, let alone in those at risk of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Therefore, we used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)... [ view full abstract ]

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U.K. National Research Ethics Committee Reference 12/LO/2017 All authors confirm that no conflict of interest, financial or otherwise, arises from this work. [ view full abstract ]


  1. Ines Pote (King's College London)
  2. Siying Wang (University of Oxford)
  3. Sethna Vaheshta (King's College London)
  4. Anna Blasi (Birkbeck University)
  5. Eileen Daly (King's College London)
  6. Maria Kuklisova-Murgasova (King's College London)
  7. Sarah Lloyd Fox (Birkbeck University)
  8. Evelyne Mercure (University College London)
  9. Paula Busuulwa (King's College London)
  10. Tony Charman (King's College London)
  11. Steven C. R. Williams (King's College London)
  12. Mark Johnson (Birkbeck University)
  13. Declan Murphy (King's College London)
  14. Grainne McAlonan (King's College London)

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