Minimally Verbal Children with ASD: Emotional Expressiveness during Social Interaction with Peer versus Adult Partners

Nirit Bauminger - Zviely

Bar - Ilan University, School of Education

Prof. Nirit Bauminger-Zviely is a Full Professor at the School of Education (SOE). She heads the school of Education and the SOE’s Graduate Program for Autism Specialization. She received her doctorate in Educational Psychology/Special Education from UCLA in 1996, specializing in social-emotional functioning of high functioning (HF) children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Prof. Bauminger’s research focuses on social-emotional development of children with ASD and on the design of relevant interventions. She heads a CBTE social intervention project that focuses on the implementation of social intervention curriculum in regular school settings across Israel for high-functioning children with ASD. Prof. Bauminger’s research gained international credit and was published in leading journals and presented in conferences throughout the world.

Shahar Bar Yehuda

Bar - Ilan University, School of Education

Shahar has a BA degree in Education and Comparative Literature and a MA degree in Management, Planning and Policy-Making in Education both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In addition, he has a MA degree in Special Education (Autism Spectrum Disorder specialization) from Bar-Ilan University. He is also a Mandel School of Educational Leadership graduate - cohort 17. Shahar is the Education Director in ALUT - the Israeli Society for Children with Autism. In this capacity, he advocates for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder rights.


Background/Objectives: Little is known about how minimally verbal children with ASD (MVASD) relate to peers. Comprising 30-40% of the ASD population, children with MVASD were mostly investigated regarding adult-mediated... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Nirit Bauminger - Zviely (Bar - Ilan University, School of Education)
  2. Shahar Bar Yehuda (Bar - Ilan University, School of Education)

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